Bridging the gap between physical and behavioral wellness  

Do you have a behavioral health or substance use disorder?  Are you also facing other challenges related to your physical health and well-being?  You are not alone.

Wellness not only refers to your physical health, but to your overall well-being.  Holistic  wellness directly relates to the quality and longevity of your life.  Holistic health and overall well-being include not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind, which includes a feeling of life purpose, satisfying work, a social life, and fulfilling relationships.  If you have a behavioral health or a substance use disorder you may face other health challenges that impact your overall wellness,  the MyHealth program at Cummins may be the right choice for you.

“MyHealth” is a community-based outreach and health home initiative that allows you to improve both your mental and physical health by working closely with a treatment team on barriers that may affect your overall wellness.

Your overall wellness is possible!  Recovery is achievable!  We are here to help and support your journey!

For more information about our MyHealth program, please contact:

Stacy Nugent –  888.714.1927 ext 2629
MyHealth Program Director